How We Work

Our proprietary methods guarantee the success of your event, leaving you and your brand looking like the real rock star. Discover how our unique approach and refined workflows generate Confidence, Excellence, and Accuracy.

Creative Direction

Every great production begins with a big idea, and regardless of whether your goals are clear, we’ll walk alongside you and your team to put wings behind the story you’re looking to tell. Our team of expert producers has years of experience escorting events from napkin sketches to the international media, and we’re ready to do the same for you—setting your story in motion for the live event space.


The technical needs of your event will likely comprise the single most complex part of its creation, and that means it’s important that the technical systems be exacting in their design. By utilizing the latest methods, our team of technical producers ensures that your event design is accurate, impactful, well-vetted against failure, and most importantly, on-brand.


The success of your event relies on more than just some tech, programming and an audience—it also relies on expert staffing, scheduling, vendor management, permitting, hospitality, and public relations—just to name a few. From soup to nuts, we’ve helped hundreds of events from the inside-out. Whether it’s a production team of two or two hundred, find out why we’re the go-to name in production direction.

Artist Relation

Few people know where to begin when they’re looking to host a professional musician, athlete or celebrity, and that’s why they turn to us for expert council and talent acquisition services. Benefiting from top-tier relationships with artists, managers and agencies, we’re a one-stop shop for the selection, contracting, hospitality and handling of all types of celebrity elements associated with your event.