Battle of the Bands 2010 Winners!

Battle of the Bands 2010 – Winners

Winning Band: KIMA

Genre: Funk – Rock

Band Members

– Kamel Al-Mani – Vocals, Guitar
– Amjad Shahrour – Bass guitar
– Basel Naouri – Trumpet
– Ahmad Abbad – Electric Guitar
– Ammar Urabi – Drums


First Runner Up: Gazdara

Band Members:

Rami Rais: Guitar & Vocals
Hamzeh Kalimat: Lead Guitar
Bashar Khries: Percussion & Drums
Ibrahim Khries: Bass Guitar

Genre: Rock


Second Runner Up: Tequila Band

Band Members:

Atef Malhas: Guitar (Classic/Electric)
Yazan Abbassi: Guitar (Classic)
Lutfi Malhas: Percussionist (Cajon & Congas)
Luceen Kolakszian: Vocalist
Hamdi Shishtawi: KeyBoard
Maxim Al-Adham: Bass Guitar

Genre: Spanish(Gypsy/Rumba) – Latin


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